Owners of the MLB teams to discuss new regulations in meetings next week

The MLB owners will meet each other in Arizona next week and on the docket are a series of probable new rules for the match. Fox Sports Jon Paul Morosi has few of the details and told that a pitch clock is really unlikely to be acted out. However, there are some that might be brought to the field in the year 2015.

Among all the regulations which might be stuck in is one prescribing runners should slide right into the 2nd base in double play tries. The sometimes dingy play of slipping off the bag and in a defensive baseball player to crock up a double play would be outlawed.

The other probable regulation would need batters to keep minimum 1 foot in the batter box all times during an at-bat. The exceptions would be wild pitches, foul balls and timeouts.

The first would serve eliminate few injuries, which is quite similar to home plate Buster Posey regulation enacted before 2014. Players keep up everything from little bruises to cuts to concussions during collisions at 2nd base.

The 2nd rule would help speed up the match theoretically, though there would be nothing halting baseball players taking their time in between pitches. Few baseball players utilize that time as a strategy to deal with the rhythm of the opposing pitcher and they might do that as long as a pitch clock is not there.