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Princess Haya Bids Goodbye To Equestrian This Year

Sports world of equestrianism on 29th of August was found in a shock when the first lady of this sport called her retirement from it. Princess Haya has been handling the federation of this sport and has led the game to its peak. She was successful in making this game go commercial and during her tenure she made sure that the game earned a good reputation in the commercial field. During her tenure the game earned a one fifty million which took equestrianism to a greater heights. Princess Haya of Jordan was the president of International Equestrian Federation (FEI) since 2006. Her journey as the chief of this sport has been a good one but for the past two years it has been a tough ride for the first lady. She was named in for the controversies of doping and as well as for not taking care of the horses in this demanding race environments.

Last week Haya declared that she won’t be leading the sport for the expected third tenure and would be retiring this year. She declared this in a press conference. She also stated that her life at the top of the game was not an easy one and it did have some toll on her. While talking to the press she came out speaking that she was proud of the way she led the game and is really happy to bring the sport to the pinnacle. The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Normandy will be her last game that she will be overseeing it. This game is considered to be as important as the Olympics. Princess Haya herself claimed that this was the game which is of great importance and is considered as the Olympics of the game. This year it will be the game when it will be bid goodbye to the most successful president ever.

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MLB Top Plays of 2012

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Voting season combined with baseball season

All star game is underway and is due on the 15th July going to be in Minnesota at the Target Field. The balloting program in sports also begins producing maximum voting in the history of balloting in the last two years. Online voting is allowed and accepted. Voting will occur on 3rd July. This will also popularize the game and give advantage of being held at home. MBL is one of the franchises of the game held in Minnesota. So the twin cities will be rewarded with such an endeavor.

Participation in balloting is a key anchoring part to the all star game. 23 balloting dates will be allotted and distributed throughout 30 ball parks and voting will begin in the stadium by 12th May. Craig pointed out that ballots along the game have something very different to offer to the players. Being a player and being able to witness one’s name on the list is a special feeling in itself. While the online ballot system will have the option of choosing from a multitude of languages like English and Spanish in may and the old Chinese, Japanese and Korean variations after some time in may. The sponsor of MLB once again will be Fire stone that will house the in house balloting.

The ballot also provides some specific features that are exclusive. The winner of All Star stake of sweep will be awarded with two person’s trip to the All Star Week, provided with hotel, food, tickets to the game of All Star and a VIP seat for better access to the on field training of MLB players. The players of all star game will be revealed on May 5th and a ballot for players will be selected with a combination of choices.